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Webnet ID Parkade Facade, Kamloops

Lansdowne, Kamloops, Canada.

Transforming a multi-story car park into a public work of art. The recently completed multi story car park project in Kamloops Canada, beautifully showcases the endless possibilities that the Jakob Webnet ID system provides, with the system being used to create a 960 square meter abstract mosaic called ‘Community Confluence’, by artist Bill Frymire.

Lansdowne Car Park Kamloops Canada - Rope + Cable Canada

Architek and Rope + Cable Canada (the sole Canadian distributor for Jakob), supplied and installed the 256 ft wide X 37 ft high Webnet art piece; which is adorned with 80,000 Jakob Stainless Steel Webnet ID plates and 7,000 kinetic tiles to form an almost pixel-like image. Representing water and the residents of Kamloops mixing together in a community confluence.

To illustrate the interaction of community groups around the area, the Webnet ID plates subtly fade into one another; thanks to the wide range of colours and shades available.

Photo Credit: Patrick Parenteau

 “Public art is known to be one of those factors that increases the livability of a city” Bill Frymire.

Kamloops is a Canadian city in British Columbia, where the North and South Thompson rivers meet. With Webnet able to be fully customised, the artist was able to perfectly realise his unique design. Representing the river are kinetic and refractive plates, moving in the breeze and glistening with the play of light on the anodized aluminium veneer.

Ron at Architek says the plates “chimer just like a wind chime, very cool!” –

Beyond the building’s striking façade design, Webnet achieves both beauty and safety in architecture. Given its high strength and low maintenance, Webnet ensures the security and safety of the car park. Proving a secure and durable cover to prevent unauthorised access or accidental falls out of it.

Photo Credit: Patrick Parenteau

Click here to listen to the artist talk about the inspiration behind his design – and to see the project being installed and then complete.


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